25 easy pasta recipes for any occasion

Pasta recipes are possibly the first Italian food that comes to mind, followed closely by pizza.

Pasta recipes make us think of hearty and at the same time comforting meals, or of grandmother's recipes to feed a large family on a family winter Sunday. And although in our mental inventory, the pasta is probably cataloged in principle with some tomato sauce, the wonderful thing about this ingredient is that there are so many ways to prepare it as combinations of the letters of the alphabet.

Ok, better We are going to avoid the mathematical analogies that are not very serious, but have you thought anything else about all the types of pasta that exist? Not only those we identify as Italian, in the style of ravioli, short pasta or spaghetti, but also all Asian pasta, rice noodles, thick, thin noodles, other bases of semolina, sheets to build a lasagna, etc, etc. and many etc. more.

Pasta recipes are a gastronomic specialty all by themselves, and if I did my doctorate in cooking, that would probably be the theme.

For now, to start thinking seriously about that PhD, I'm going to make a list of pasta recipes , easy, convincing, delicious and ideal to share.

pasta recipes

Pasta recipes

The charm of this ingredient, pasta, is which is a consent of both families and students or singles. Who does not think of pasta when preparing a very fast but hot meal? Who has not improvised a paste when there are almost no ingredients to cook in the pantry, but has achieved worthy combinations of a banquet? Let's not talk about the homemade pasta recipes of the students during the exam period, the pasta for when we have guests and we want to offer an effective but abundant dish, or the grandma's pasta sauce recipe that we all have recorded in the brain (in my case, a beautiful Neapolitan thick, creamy and with deep tomato flavor).

The pasta is used even to prepare recipes for romantic dinners (with many prawns), for vegetarians who want a complete dish (but with lots of vegetables), to give life to many soups, and even to impress your parents when they think you do not cook even a sausage in a microwave.

This ingredient has so many uses, that we will concentrate on the richest, cold or hot, so you do not run out of ideas for easy and quick pasta recipes.

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Pasta with prawns: from the easy recipes with pasta, for me this is Empre passes the test of difficult palates. The combination is so successful that it is almost impossible for the preparation to go wrong. To show off, you can describe it as a reinterpretation of your Italian food recipes. Mamma mía.

Noodles with vegetables wok: for those who are always looking for how to cook pasta with new flavors, here is a different recipe. That's why I like pasta, because it can also be prepared in many ways inspired by Asian cuisine.

Chinese noodles with vegetables and soybeans: what I like most about noodle recipes

strong>, is that you get out of trouble when you have almost no ingredients left in the kitchen. But do not think that's why this dish is less tasty than others. On the contrary, it's great.

Spaghetti alla puttanesca: anchovies, olives and pasta, a beautiful combination. If what you're looking for are spaghetti recipes , and not another type of pasta, then this note is for you.

Pasta carbonara: make it clear that the authentic pasta the carbonara does not carry cream.It's also the simplest dishes you can do if you're learning how to prepare pasta ​​strong>.

Pasta salad with chicken: there are recipes for easy pasta ​​strong> , and others still easier. This is a good example of the latter. Perfect for summer, it allows you to eat without limits and without feeling too full.

Pasta with scallops and cream: only the title of this recipe sounds too good to be true, but it really is. Imagine what you will feel when you try the sauce.

Homemade noodle soup: if we think about how to make pasta, it is usually dry. But a good soup is another way to surprise your guests, if you promise them a traditional dish. It is also very healthy and perfect for cold days.

Pasta salad with tuna: this is the freshest and most balanced recipe that can be made with pasta, from my very humble opinion.

Eggplant Lasagna: In addition to healthy, this dish is really finger-licking.

Rolls with ground turkey: I'm not sure how many times you're going to repeat with this dish, but just in case, you limit yourself when you buy the ingredients.

Singapore Noodles: among the pasta dishes , this will make you look like an expert in oriental flavors. It is better kept in secret than it is an express recipe.

Recipes of pasta sauces

At this point on the list, I assume that you already know how to cook pasta very well, so I'll go straight to the sauces.

Pasta with pesto sauce: when we talk about simple pasta recipes , salsa is the key. And when you put this sauce to your pasta, not only will you remember a lot about Comedera.com , but you will love us as never.

Pasta with tomato sauce : this is a basic recipe that accompanies a good part of Italian pasta ​​strong>. It is very fast to prepare it, but totally effective.

Pasta with Bolognese sauce: If yours are sauces with meat, with this recipe you will be infinitely happy. It is also one of the typical accompaniments for many Italian pasta recipes.

After so many ideas to prepare good recipes with pasta ​​strong>, now I will tell you which is what you should not do, with our note on How to prepare the worst pasta dish in the world.

More pasta recipes

And as after reading that, you will be almost a I'm going to leave a list of other recipes I found online here. Although they will not be easy fans like those of Comedera.com , they will help you to vary your menu, always using our new favorite ingredient.

Pasta with eggplant and tomato. Any recipe that includes aubergines among its ingredients is fine. Always.

Hake lasagna. I do not know about you, but I love to think about eating lasagna with fish

Spaghetti with walnut sauce and asparagus. A different pasta recipe, with which you can surprise your better half.

Cold summer ramen. A fresh, delicious soup that you can eat when temperatures are high.

Noodle skipped. The famous Peruvian dish based on noodles, meat and vegetables. Indispensable in your cookbook.

Pasta salad with salmon. An easy and even light preparation that you can prepare for dinner.

Gnocchis or homemade gnocchi. Pasta gnocchi are usually children's favorites. You can do it with the sauce you want. In this recipe they prepare them with carbonara.

Pasta with butternut pumpkin sauce. Another recipe quite creative and delicious to eat pasta.

Spicy spaghetti. Spicy lovers will find a simple but delicious recipe that will stimulate their palates and fill them with happiness.