Remembering Flo: The Iconic 80’s TV Series with the Memorable Catchphrase

When we think of iconic 80’s TV series, one that often comes to mind is “Flo”, a spin-off of the popular sitcom “Alice”. The show, which aired from 1980 to 1981, featured the sassy and quick-witted diner waitress Flo Castleberry, played by Polly Holliday. Flo’s memorable catchphrase, “kiss my grits”, became a cultural phenomenon and is still remembered fondly today. Let’s take a closer look at this beloved character and the show that made her a household name.

The Character of Flo

Flo Castleberry was first introduced in the TV series “Alice”, which was set in a diner in Phoenix, Arizona. Flo was known for her thick southern accent, her big hair, and her no-nonsense attitude. But it was her catchphrase, “kiss my grits”, that really caught on with viewers. The phrase was a polite, southern way of telling someone off, and it quickly became a part of the American vernacular.

The Spin-Off Series

In 1980, the character of Flo was given her own spin-off series. In the show, Flo leaves the diner in Phoenix and returns to her hometown in Texas, where she becomes the proprietor of a rundown roadhouse that she renames “Flo’s Yellow Rose”. The series followed Flo’s adventures as she navigated her new life and dealt with a variety of colorful characters.

The Impact of Flo’s Catchphrase

The phrase “kiss my grits” became so popular that it was featured on a variety of merchandise, including t-shirts and coffee mugs. It was even used in other TV shows and movies as a nod to the iconic character. Despite the show’s short run, Flo’s catchphrase has endured, demonstrating the lasting impact of the character and the series.

Remembering Flo

While “Flo” only lasted for two seasons, the character of Flo Castleberry left a lasting impression on viewers. Polly Holliday’s portrayal of the feisty, independent waitress was a highlight of 80’s television, and her catchphrase is still remembered today. Whether you’re a fan of classic TV or just appreciate a good catchphrase, there’s no denying the impact of Flo and her unforgettable saying, “kiss my grits”.


From her introduction in “Alice” to her own spin-off series, Flo Castleberry was a character who captured the hearts of viewers with her sass and spirit. Her catchphrase, “kiss my grits”, became a cultural touchstone, demonstrating the power of a well-written character and a memorable line. Even though the series ended decades ago, Flo’s legacy lives on, proving that great characters and great catchphrases never go out of style.